Open invitation to go on a backpacking trip in OR first week of September, more the merrier.

(still working out details on where exactly but somewhere sorta off the grid, hopefully out east)

Hey again, I have a seat left in my car.


bye portland

I love you so much jfc


bye portland

I love you so much jfc

It’s not fun saying goodbye to siblings who live overseas. Blah.

I wanna watch them grow up and teach them how to ride bikes and stuff.

Porn teaches men they are gods. Pop culture teaches men that the epitome of success is to be surrounded by naked women, fawning over you. Prostitution exists because we, as a culture, very much believe that women exist to pleasure men. We tell women that they have to “work” in marriage, to keep their men happy, to keep them from straying — buy sexy lingerie, try threesomes, try anal, perform every porn fantasy he has — he needs it, he deserves it, it is your job.

We can continue to skirt around these truths — that the sex industry and our patriarchal culture breed men like Rodger — but expect more violence, more deaths, more rape, and more abuse. Our world is rife with Elliot Rodgers. We create them every day. They aren’t going anywhere.




"Hey yo, I know this dude right

Carl, he wore tight blue sweats but wasn’t glued too tight

All he had upstairs was a crude light

You think that’s weird? He lived next door to a food fight.”


The Missing Piece & The Missing Piece Meets the Big O, Shel Silverstein.

"I like your writing style. The surface of it is intentionally underwhelming in order to emphasize a deeper layer of meaning."

I’m mean like, if ya say so. Um.

Wanting you to be that sun,
in my bed each morning.
Knowing also
that the sun rises from the beds of half the hemisphere
each day,
and that it thus
could never be

—"There are Lions like Yellow Dogs" // Diane Wakoski


ART: The Human-Sized Kaleidoscope

Japanese artists and designers Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki have created an award winning, modular installation made from mirrors that formed a giant kaleidoscopic for the Kobe Biennial art container contest.

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